our Story

If you’ve tried our cookies, then you know the love and passion that goes into each one. The love behind our product starts with Ida herself. Through worldwide travels, hard work, and heartache, Ida’s Cookies has emerged.

Ida is a George Brown College graduate in Pastry Chef training. She is also a self-taught Chinese fusion dessert chef. After a brief stay in Hong Kong, she moved back to Canada and settled in Toronto. It was here that she was encouraged by her mentor Donald Tse to open a chain of Chinese dessert cafes. Through a lot of ups and downs, and two kids later, Ida’s Cookies was born in November of 2018.

Ida is not merely an entrepreneur, but a mother, and has always balanced motherhood and business ownership. With her six-year-old son Lucas in tow, and her 2-year-old daughter Kaylee by her side, she manages Ida’s Cookies as a single mother.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ida and her three partners hustles Ida’s Cookies with love and determination. In her own words, “the good life is always ahead of us - when life hands you lemons, make lemon shortbread cookies!”